Sunday, May 5, 2013

Kempen Tawan Putrajaya PRU-14

Salam hormat, salam sejahtera dan salam perjuangan.

Pertama sekali saya ingin mengarang sepatah mesej penghargaan kepada semua rakan-rakan seperjuangan dalam Pakatan Rakyat yang telah bekerja tertungkus lumus sejak 5 tahun yang lalu untuk bersiap sedia menghadapi PRU13 yang baru selesai semalam.

Saya juga ingin merakamkan ribuan terima kasih kepada kawan-kawan yang mengorbankan masa dan tenaga untuk membantu dan meyokong Pakatan Rakyat dalam pilihanraya kali ini.
Saya telah menerima beratus mesej dari rakan-rakan sekalian melalui pelbagai sumber, termasuk laman FB, SMS dan sebagainya. 

Ramai yang telah menyatakan ketidakpuasan hati terhadap keputusan PRU kali ni. Ada pula di antara kalangan yang meyampaikan kesedihan mereka, dan akhir sekali, tidak ketinggalan pula kawan-kawan yang melafaskan kemarahan bertubi-tubi terhadap Barisan Nasional dan Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR).

Di sini saya ingin meminta maaf kerana tidak sempat membalas setiap orang, jadi saya megambil keputusan untuk megarang post ini dengan harapan sepatah dua tulisan saya boleh dijadikan inspirasi untuk meneruskan perjuangan kita semua.

Yang utama sekali, perjuangan kita belum selesai. Malah, perjuangan kita baru bermula. Dalam pilihanraya ini, walaupun kita tidak berjaya merampas kerusi kerajaan pusat, Pakatan Rakyat telah menambah kerusi parliament dari 82 kerusi pada PRU 2008 ke 89 kerusi pada kali ini. Tambahan pula, PR telah berjaya mencapai undi popular 51%. 

Pencapaian kali ini amatlah penting kerana kita sudah membuktikan bahawa majoriti rakyat Malaysia menyokong Pakatan Rakyat.  Kita menang undi, yang kalah cuma kerusi. 

Mesej kedua yang saya ingin sampaikan ialah kita semua tidak patut memandang mundur dan ke arah belakang. Dalam politik mahupun kehidupan, jalannya memang berliku dan penuh dengan cabaran.

Dengan mengeluarkan perkataan-perkataan kesat, memaki hamun dan sebagainya tidak akan membawa sebarang kebaikan kepada mana-man pihak. 

Kita juga tidak patut terperangkap dengan tulisan puak-puak UMNO yang bersifat rasis dan bertujuan untuk mencetuskan perbalahan perkauman.  

Sebaliknya, kita semua harus lebih bersatu, memikir dengan logik dan bertenang. Kita juga perlu megambil pegalaman kali ini sebagai pengajaran dan sumber teladan. 

Kita harus berkerja dengan lebih keras. Mulai hari ini, kita kena berkempen lagi kuat di halaman kampung kita masing-masing. 

Sampaikan maklumat ini kepada saudara-mara. Cetak keratan berita dari media alternatif dan bagilah kepada mereka. 

Hantarkan seberapa banyak bahan kempen dan manifesto PR ke setiap rumah megikut kemampuan. 

Kalau berupaya, bawalah juga saudara sekalian menghadiri ceramah dan forum Pakatan Rakyat dan Bersih 2.0 seberapa kerap yang boleh.

Perubahan dan masa depan negara kini di tangan kita semua. Ingat nombor ini setiap hari - hanya 23 lagi kerusi Parlimen dan kita akan menumbangkan kerajaan UMNO-BN yang kotor ini.

Kempen Tawan Putrajaya bermula pada HARI INI.

Sekian Terima Kasih.

Salam Reformasi,

Leon Lee

Saturday, January 7, 2012

901 - Bebas Anwar - Our reasons

Our friends & fellow Malaysians,

In less than 24 hours, on 9 January 2012 the Malaysian High Court at Jalan Duta will deliver its verdict on the Anwar Ibrahim sodomy trial. If the general public consensus is accurate, Anwar will most likely be ruled guilty and faces a lengthy jail time, effectively ending his political career.

It is pretty clear to everybody that the charge against him is politically motivated, and most well informed rakyat would agree that the charge is mala fide and faulty.

There are so many holes in the prosecution's case that in any other judicial system, the case would never have seen the light of a courtroom in the first place.

For example, the Prosecution's main witness, alleged victim, Saiful, has HIS own sperm found inside his posterior orifice. Instead of asking the prosecution to clarify this issue, the judge shockingly asked the defense (Anwar) to explain why this is so.

The trial has also seen other series of equally shocking "evidence" and "testimonial" such as Saiful not passing motion for 2 days "to preserve evidence", Saiful's private meeting with Najib before the case, and also how a 64 years old man with a chronic back problem managed to forcefully sodomise an unwilling healthy young man in his twenties.

In law, every man is innocent until proven guilty. That means the onus of finding out a person's crime is on the police and prosecution.

However, in Anwar's case, he was treated as guilty until proven innocent. That meant he had to, throughout the entire trial, prove his innocence. Malaysia boleh indeed.

Our dear friends,

You may or may not like Anwar Ibrahim. You may agree with his policies or views, or you may not. But that does not matter.

Come Monday, a huge wave of people is going to gather outside the Duta High Court at 8am to send the message to the Malaysian government that we WILL NOT tolerate this perversion of justice.

We are not there for Anwar, but for justice. If they can do this to one man and get away with it, they can do is to the rest of us in future.

For example, with this dangerous precedent, they can in future arrest you just because they do not like how you look. And you will be judged as guilty from day one until you can prove otherwise.

And this miscarriage of the justice system cannot be allowed to happen. The law is there to protect us as Rakyats, not to be used against us for whatever reasons the corridors of power deems.

With this I appeal to you, please come and join us in standing up for your own right as citizen. Let's show the Government they serve the rakyat, not the other way around.

Let us end by reusing an oft-quoted poem by Martin Niemöller

"First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me."

Thank you.

With hope,

Leon Lee & Andrew Voon
BN Must Go Administrators
Demi Rakyat

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hey Jib

Hey Jib sing-a-long for the July 9th Fiesta!
(to the tune of 'Hey Jude' by the Beatles)

Hey Jib don't make it bad
Take a Bersih and make it cleaner
Remember to let us march thru down town
Then you can start to make it Bersih

Hey Jib don't be afraid
You were made to come out and walk with us
The minute you let us gather in peace
Then you begin to make it Bersih

And any time you feel the urge, Hey Jib, refrain
Don't loosen the cops upon our shoulders
For well you know that it's a fool who plays it rough
By making his world a little violent
Da da da da da
da da da da

Hey Jib don't let us down
Forget Mudin, and all his hubris
Remember to let us into down town
Then you can start to make it Bersih

So let us in on the 9th
Hey Jib relax
We're waiting for you to march amongst us
And don't you know that it's just you
Hey Jib you do
The courage you need is in your conscience

Da da da da da
da da da da Yeah

Hey Jib don't make it bad
Take a Bersih and make it cleaner
Remember to let us into down town
Then you can start to make it Bersih
Bersih,Bersih,Bersih,Bersih Yeah,Yeah,Yeah

Monday, May 23, 2011

Malaysian Politics and Porn

22 May, 2011By Leon Lee

Porn. At the drop of the word and you can see wicked grins written on some faces while on others, a rosy blush. There are people who think porn is evil, while some others think it’s one of the greatest invention since the wheel.
Like it or not (can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t though), porn has been a part of our lives since the existence of mass printers. So when touching on the topic of sex, we can all safely assume that the juicier it is, the better for the gleeful readers. So I’ll keep my satirical piece hot, wet and scandalous and pray that Ibiit Ali will not be launching a crusade against porn anytime soon.
I’ve always wanted to do a piece on Malaysian politics for my inaugural article on It seems fate can be naughty at times, and on the week that I found my muse, the theme is the "Porn Week". I gave it a little thought, tickled my memory about the porn stash that I’ve witnessed, and realized the really glaring similarities between Malaysia politics, politicians and porn.
So here’s the list, down and dirty style.

1. Porn is popular

Just do a Google search on "Sex" and you’ll see what I mean (2,090,000,000 results, last check). Well, Malaysian politics aren’t popular per se, seeing that there are still Malaysians who think Dr Mahathir is still the PM. But porn makes Malaysian politicians instant superstars.
Take our ex-Health Minister Dr. Chua Soi Lek for example. He was the then Vice President of Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), a component party of the ruling Coalition when a video of his 56 minute sex extravaganza was posted for all and sundry on the Internet.
It was rumored that the 64 yr old man’s performances had put young studs to shame, and then some. And in the next party election, he was promptly elected as the President of the MCA.
Amazing wonders that porn does to a man’s political career in Malaysia, yes?

2. Porn is dirty

They say sex is only dirty when done right. Who wants to watch fully clothed, censored porn anyway? I mean, I know some like their sado-fetish porn in really outlandish fashion, but that’s a story for another day.
Generally, we all want our porn naughty and downright wicked!
Of course, we wouldn’t want our politicians with the same traits, but unfortunately some are just that, and much worse.
We have parties using all sorts of means to win an election and the public perception war. Instead of shoring up support with clean and good governance preaching, they tried smear the opposing members with more smut than Hefner’s magazines.
They cooked up mind boggling sodomy cases against their opponents, tainted DNA samples from possibly multiple men, prejudicial judges and complete the list of dirties with a witness who did not pass his stool for 2 days in order to "preserve evidence".
The same powers that be drew election boundaries to make sure that even though the opposition wins the majority of the popular votes, gerrymandering will ensure that they still do not form the government. This is as dirty as it gets.
Next, we have politicians misusing the police, RELA (Volunteer Corp) and Election Commission to do their dirty biddings. The former is used to harass politicians, the other as a potential vote bank, while the latter acts as one of the component parties. Let’s not even get into the other orgy team members of MACC (Anti Corruption Commission), Judiciary and JKKK heads, or this article is going to be too dirty to be published.

3. Gangbang

Which porn movie is complete without the customary gangbang? Nipporn, Korean porn, Western Porn… aside from the sex, the only other similarity is the existence of the gangbang scene. More often than not, you get to see multiple men ganging up on one poor girl or another, huffing and puffing away happily.
Occasionally, you do see multiple hotties doing the reverse gang up on some lucky hunk, but let’s not get into that either.
Malaysian politicians love their gangbangs too, almost to the dot.
When they set their sights on an unfortunate target, they do it from multiple angles. They smear you with a sham court trial, get MACC to investigate your poor mates on imagined charges (sometimes resulting in death with open verdict), release a porn video they claim is you, and then top it all up with the traditional racist attack, like cow heads, pig heads and recently, can you believe, a religious crusade. Oh, yes and the mainstream media will help them flame this up to a real frenzy of orgasms among the crazies, completing a spectacular gangbang show that had put Annabel Chong’s quest to shame.

4. Porn is corrupted

Nobody can deny that porn contains actions and elements that we don’t even do in real life, even within the confines of our bedroom. For the sake of entertainment and drama, porn scenes are propped up with gears, vibration gadgets, latex attires and other unmentionable equipment (since I honestly don’t know the terms for them).
Some may call these deviant porn, fetish porn or in some Asian countries, idol porn. For the sake of easy understanding, let’s just call these derivatives a corrupted version of normal porn. And they are abundant, mind you.
Corrupted derivatives of politicians are aplenty in Malaysia too. Among the more infamous cases, RM 500 million for the purchase of submarines that would not dive, jet engines that flew themselves to South America*, a shipping port that costs 5 times over budget, among others.
There are other types of corruption too, especially in elections. Like in the recent Sarawak state election, you get to see a spectacular show of helicopters and long boats ferrying moneymen and their bags of goodies into the interiors to grease the poverty-stricken folks in the longhouses. Apparently, they issued bounced cheques too this time around.
Of course, we all know how their deviant party elections are like: An orgy of money floating in, out and everywhere buying up divisional votes in exchange for nominations. If this isn’t corrupted madness that’s almost porn-like, I don’t know what is.
Indeed, just like deviant porn may be corruption to some, to others it’s a work of art. So our typical politicians just called their works of art "commission", "money politics" and "sumbangan ikhlas".
*Ok for the record, the jet engines did not fly to South America by themselves. That was a joke.
The 2-tonne engines were in fact carried by a staff sergeant all the way from the gates of the Malaysian Air Force base to South America on his shoulders..

5. Size matters

In porn, we all want the longest, thickest, biggest and perkiest. Most audiences would also want the wettest, loudest, the first to come out with more extreme acts and whatnots. That’s fair and fine in pornography, but the problem is Malaysian politicians want the exact same things.
We have the world’s tallest shaft (okay, now the world’s tallest twin shafts) sitting pretty beside Jalan Ampang. We have the country’s first space tourist attempting to make roti canai in the cosmos, the biggest (and most deserted) Airport in South East Asia, the world’s largest and probably only Multimedia Super Corridor. If one of our ex prime ministers had his way we would also have the world’s first, only and biggest laughing stock, a crooked bridge all the way to Singapore.
Of more recent memory, somebody up there wanted a 100-story tower too. Now that’s a really big, long hard and insanely expensive rod.
The best part about the politicians’ wishes and demands? The rakyat’s footing the bill, so they can keep building bigger, longer and stiffer dongs, no worries…

6. Pet Names

Porn stars love giving pet names to themselves andin local term, it’s called nama glamor. Among the top porn stars, we have Johnny Longsocks, Gina Ryder, Cherry Poppens, Connie Lingus, Flick Shagwell, Summer Cummings and Honey Wilder, to name a few.
Malaysian politicians (or their spouses) have nama-glamors too… Recently somebody named herself FLOM.. short for First Lady Of Malaysia. Most citizens would be able to tell you that no such title exists in official capacity, so it must be a self declared title. Okay, that was another joke. Her official title is actually the Jet-Setting Foreign Minister of Malaysia.
Some less fortunate politicians do not get to choose the titles. Usually it’s their loose mouths and limited intelligence that did the job for them. We have the sexist extraordinaire Bocor Member of Parliament (MP) when he ridiculed another fellow MP about having menstrual cycles. Next the One Eyed Jack title was unceremoniously bestowed upon another MP when he instructed customs officials to close one eye to a questionable shipment.
For one rather loud mouthed minister (today he’s a de facto minister of shooting from the hip), the rather uncomplimentary Taxi Minister name stuck with him ever since his early days of issuing taxi permits. Another minister befitting of this article is the Erection Minister, where he announced to the world on Al Jazeera that Malaysia holds erections once every 5 years, when he was still the then Information Minister.
In a tits for tat move, politicians too like to brand the very rakyat they are supposed to serve with names. They call the citizens Pendatangs (that means immigrants), Cinabengs, "Unclean Chinese" and pariahs.
The list would do no justice without the honorable mention of the famous man more popularly known as "Mamak Bendahara". Everybody knew who he is and his lineage, except for maybe his own party members.

7. Porn Lies

We all know this to be true. It’s a generally accepted fact among females that most men can’t perform longer than 20 minutes, and you’d be striking gold if you can wring an additional ten from your guy. In porn movies, the men could hump and pump for a full hour without breaking a bead of sweat, and then continue pumping another maiden right after.
For the guys’ side, we all know women don’t scream, talk dirty and moan like that. Or do they?
Well, regardless of how your gal screams, porn is like any movie - they are distorted (or elongated) versions of the truth. Based on that, I think our politicians would then be qualified to be among the top porn stars.
Each time our petrol prices soar through the roof, they said we still have the cheapest energy costs in the region, comparing us to our tiny neighbor down south. Never mind the fact that Singapore is a country that imports 100% of their petroleum needs, and that we are a net exporter of oil, they brandished about elegant charts, graphs and presentation sheets to show you they meant serious business in fact spinning.
Once, the KPI Minister that reports to another KPI Minister (this one belakang mari punya - backdoor minister, we call it), said we are going bankrupt soon. The very next day, the country’s leaders came out en mass and said it was just hot air. One of them is lying for sure.
Not too long after, the same KPI minister said the no rakyat’s money is going to be used to pay for the setting up of Hotmail* for all Malaysians. Soon, it was made known that government agencies have to pay RM 0.50 for EACH email sent. If government agencies’ money isn’t rakyat’s money, then where is the cash going to come from? Somebody is lying again.
When certain politicians said the RM1.6B cost of building the 100-storey dong is a private initiative, with money coming from Permodalan Nasional Berhad, that’s elongating the truth beyond anything recognizable. PNB’s money is the rakyat’s money. More lies, more porn.
*Okay, it was not Hotmail. It was email powered by Hotmail. Yes, the FREE Hotmail from Microsoft.

8. Porn is about holes

Or orifices, if you want to be politically correct. More accurately, porn is about the action of filling up bodily orifices. And in the case of gangbangs, you try to fill up more than one at any given moment.
Our politicians have a heck load of holes to fill up too. There are holes in their stories, holes in their half past 6 policies, holes in their bank accounts and holes in their measures.
Recently, they want to bring back the 1-cent coins after taking if off legal tender. That’s one among many flip flop policies our politicians love shoving into our mouths. I wonder what kind of rubbish they are going to use to fill up that policy hole. Remember, each time they have a hole in their policies, we pay for the filling up.
There are huge and wet holes that politicians cannot explain when police detainees spontaneously died, apparently without reason. In some, among numerous cases, they did try to enlighten the public that they were caused by "water in lungs". That sort of justification for the lost of lives is porn-like - just a big hole.
Because of our subsidies to Independent Power Producers (IPP), we have a RM8.1 Billion hole in the budget. Next annual hole that we have to plug is the RM28 Billion lost due to corruption, and the total RM100 Billion over the last 3 decades or so.
Everett Dirksen once said, "A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon it adds up to real money."
Those are real money of the people, and real holes that we need to collectively cork. Not tomorrow, not next year, but right NOW.
Some Malaysian politics and politicians are like porn. They are dirty, corrupted and occasionally funny to watch. Sometimes I do wonder why we are paying RM70 Million a year to APCO to be our Public Relations firm, when perhaps Vivid Entertaintment would do a much better spinning job?
LEON LEE is a proud pendatang in his own country Malaysia and tweets as @LeonLeeBMG

He is also co-founder of BNMustGO

This article was first featured "HERE"

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Unapologetically Sarawakian

UH-OH, WHAT’VE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO? Seriously, for someone who has not written anything more than work emails and business proposals in the last 10 years, it’s more than a mental block that I have to deal with. It’s not unlike getting a 50-year old who only knows how to ‘pangkah dacing’ his whole life to ‘mark the Rocket’.

Gambier Street, Kuching | source -

(Gambier Street, Kuching | source -

Growing up as a kid on the banks of mighty Sarawak River, along the Gambier Street shophouses, I was fortunate enough to experience 1st hand the ‘rojak’ of cultures that’s Sarawak - not only did we ‘tolerate’ each other’s existence, we mingled. You had the ‘tambang’ operators from across river, the kopi-o stall taukeh, the long-eared Orang Ulu who’d just stepped off the green-coloured STC bus at Ban Hock Lane, the tattooed Iban, the ‘kuli’ at the docks, the mee jawa and satay seller who plied his trade outside a Chinese kopitiam, the Indian spice trader, the barber shop frequented by men and children alike from all ages.

One example was my late grandmother herself - 60ish at the time; she spoke maybe a dozen Malay words. Yet there you have her chatting away animatedly with the Malay ‘cikgu’ from across river. Scenes of strangers who’d just met sharing a coffee-table by the roadside were the norm, rather than exception. These are sadly, lost forever in the name of "development".

One common feature though that has thus far withstood the effects of "national intergration" and Umno-styled, polarizing politics of "race and religion" is most aptly describe not in words but the photo below which I took off a Borneo Post article about a week ago:

Untitled Image

Sarawak is the only place where I’m able to have Chinese ‘kueh chap’ and Malay ‘Mee Jawa’ in one meal, at one place. Sarawak is the only place left where I’m able to have my pork-filled meal while chatting away with a Muslim friend who is having a halal spread. In public. And I fully intend to keep it that way. If JAIS, JAKIM, JAKUN or any other acronym has an issue with that, talk to my Sarawakian hand!

Just in case anyone is wondering which planet I came from, if the 18-Point Agreement were to be respected and upheld, Sarawak is rightfully ’secular’, with Islam being the Official Religion of the Federation.

Moving away from food, aren’t we tired of constantly being told what to do by our ‘Big Brothers’ from the Semenanjung? Everyone, (even MIC!) has an advice or three, despite some of them being geographically challenged - some friends still think that Mount Kinabalu is in Kuching. And how many of us got the ‘Welcome to Malaysia’ greeting before !@#%*?

Welcome to Malaysia | source -

(Welcome to Malaysia | source -

Isn’t it about time to dish out some payback?

It’s time for Sarawakians to offer our countrymen from across the South China Sea some advice in return.

After all, most of us can tell that Kangar is in Perlis and Kota Tinggi is in Johor. As responsible members of the Federation, shouldn’t we weigh in on the current Lynas Rare Earth Plant controversy? Let’s tell Koh Tsu Koon’s Gerakan how to retake Penang. Time for us to stand up and show the rest that we are not just a mere State, that we are a third of the Federation - let’s act the part!!!

One day, when a Sarawakian assumes the office of the Prime Minister without having to change his name, religion and join UMNO… idealistic or not, that to me is the true measure of Malaysia’s success.

This article was first posted here

Andrew tweets as @AndrewBMG

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

1Malaysia email polls

Dear Jibby,

Thank you for spending RM 50 Million of OUR money to give each of us 1Email address which we do NOT want.

Dear Readers,

Please vote for your favorite 1Malaysia email address at the polls on the right hand bar of this blog. If you have a suggestion on a new email address you would like to see up, please feel free to drop your comments here.

PUTRAJAYA, April 19 — Malaysians aged 18 and above will be given a secure 1 Malaysia email account for official purposes said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today.

The email account will allow direct and secure communication between citizens and the government, and is part of a new one-stop web portal for government services.

The web portal will be developed by Tricubes Berhad and will provide services such as social networking, online bill payment and citizen application development. account will allow direct and secure communication between citizens and the government, and is part of a new one-stop web portal for government services.

The web portal will be developed by Tricubes Berhad and will provide services such as social networking, online bill payment and citizen application development. Read More "Here".

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Of sycophants and zealots

We have been asked many strange questions since our last post in reply to Dr Sim's "At the heart of the matter", mostly by people who did not bother to read our post in entirety, or might have a bit of issues with comprehension.

Or worse, these could very well be sycophants and zealots who worship the candidate blindly and forgot what's at the heart of the issue (ironic, isn't it?).

They said that we are targeting Dr Sim personally.

They screamed that we wrote about Dr Sim being corrupted.

And lastly, they said we are not giving Dr Sim a chance.

Well, we hope this short entry will help clarify matters.

Firstly, we have never, not once, targeted anyone personally. We may speak about stands, ideas, political views, parties, policies and whatnots, but never a personal attack about anybody. It is against BNMustGo's own policy from Day 1, and we will not break that rule.

(to the sycophants, shooting at someone personally means you talk about their extramarital affairs, talk about how they are cheaters or lairs, gossip about how much he/she is lacking in sexual prowess, or any of those personal stuffs. We do not condone such things)

Secondly, we never said Dr Sim is corrupted. On the contrary, we stated, quite a few times, via blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts that he is a good man, just wrong party.

(to the sycophants, asking somebody about his VIEW on corruption - against or for, is NOT the same as saying the person is corrupted. We want to know more about our candidate, so we ask him to state his stand)

We are giving him a chance, and we care about everybody in Pending, Kuching and Sarawak. That's why we gave him a chance to answer the questions the voters have about their candidates. Is he honest? Is he a good man? Will he fight against wrong doings? How can he fight? What's his view on the land being grabbed?

(That's a close as we can get to give chance to a candidate to explain himself before an election, yes?)

We appreciate genuine, intellectual debates. That's very healthy in a democracy, and it shows that we are all growing up and maturing as citizens.

But once you crossed the line into blind support, sycophancy behaviors, zealotry and religious worshiping, we are not going to drop into that kind of level to debate with you anymore. Please note that how you behave will reflect to others on your favorite candidate (as they say, birds of a feather flock together), so if you truly want to help him/her, please be intelligent about your statements.